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Underfloor Heating Screeds

Underfloor heating screeds supply energy-efficient warmth with an even distribution to maximise home comfort.

Learn more about Underfloor Heating Screeds

Thin Screeds

Thin screeds make the most of any tight layout by saving space without sacrificing quality or power. The thin profile marries design and function.

Learn more about Thin Screeds

Thermal Screeds

Thermal screeds offer superior insulation, resulting in a warmer home at lower energy costs for years to come.

Learn more about Thermal Screeds

Fast Drying Screeds

Fast drying screeds finish projects quicker than ever! They dry rapidly in comparison to traditional screeds.

Learn more about Fast Drying Screeds

Strong Screeds

Strong screeds withstand the pressure from foot and heavy equipment traffic, as well as support lasting construction.

Learn more about Strong Screeds

Environmentally Friendly Screeds

Environmentally friendly screeds conserve energy and reduce the volume of raw materials to improve sustainability.

Learn more about Environmentally Friendly Screeds

Frequently Asked Questions
about screeds

Learn to avoid the common pitfalls and get a better understanding of how screed can benefit you.

Screed, also known as thin levelling screed, is a material used to create flat and even surfaces for construction purposes. It is usually composed of cement and sand mixture or cement with polymer additives, which are combined with water before application.

Screed comes in a range of types to suit different needs. Our guides explain how different types of screed work and the benefits of their unique properties, helping you to make a well informed choice.

Screed is a durable and economical material for flooring that has an easy installation process. It can be applied quickly to large surface areas, making it ideal for commercial construction projects with tight timelines. Moreover, it can be easily coloured, allowing designers to create custom aesthetics.

There are three general applications of screed:
1. Floating application – the screed is laid onto a compressible layer (insulation board or acoustic matting) to create the final level floor
2.Unbonded application – the screed is laid onto the structural subfloor, normally onto a plastic sheet (DPM or slip membrane) to stop the rise of moisture into the final level floor
3.Bonded application – the screed is laid onto the structural subfloor by using a glue to stick/bond the screed to the structural subfloor, creating the final level floor

The most common mistakes screed installers make are not preparing the subfloor, not accommodating for environmental factors such as damp or extreme temperature, and incorrect application technique. Our recommended installers make it their job to avoid such mistakes.

You can walk on a screed floor as soon as it is dry enough, which will vary depending on the product and environmental circumstances. It is recommended that you wait at least 24–48 hours before commencing with light foot traffic.

A visual inspection can give you a clue to whether or not screed is dry – look out for factors such as colour, texture and visible signs of dampness. However, for more precise readings, seek out an approved tool or method to test the moisture content of a screed – such as a hygrometer test, a plastic sheet test or a Calcium Bomb (CM) test.

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