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Underfloor heating screeds supply energy-efficient warmth with an even distribution to maximise home comfort.

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Frequently Asked Questions about underfloor heating screed

Learn to avoid the common pitfalls and get a better understanding of how screed can benefit you.

Screed, also known as thin levelling screed, is a material used to create flat and even surfaces for construction purposes. It is usually composed of cement and sand mixture or cement with polymer additives, which are combined with water before application.

Screed is a durable and economical material for flooring that has an easy installation process. It can be applied quickly to large surface areas, making it ideal for commercial construction projects with tight timelines. Moreover, it can be easily coloured, allowing designers to create custom aesthetics.

Screed can easily last for decades without any significant wear or damage when properly installed and maintained, making them suitable for lasting construction projects. Modern advancements in screed technology are leading to more resilient and long-lasting designs than traditional screeds, further improving their utility.

Underfloor heating (UFH) systems warm homes from the ground up, removing the need for radiators or baseboard heaters. Since heat rises, starting at ground level means that less energy is wasted compared to conventional heating methods and is more consistent throughout the room.

Consider the practical requirements of your home, such as your property’s size, insulation level and floor type. For larger spaces with high heat loss, for example, a water-based UFH system might be more efficient compared to an electric system. Additionally, cost may well be an important factor; electric UFH systems are typically easier and cheaper to install in existing homes due to their slim profile. Whichever UFH system you choose, the right screed can offer levelling support to get the most out of your underfloor heating.

UFH systems are efficient and cost effective, heating the room rather than just one area. It does this through an even distribution which eliminates cold spots and drafts, therefore increases comfort levels. UFH is also a flexible option for design: it can be installed under most types of flooring and can save valuable wall space in a room.

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